This Year in Science

This Year in Science

presented by Futurism

The Year of Robot Intelligence

In 2015, the robot revolution enveloped the globe. But the world didn’t end. It got better.

The Year Of Space Exploration

In 2015, we turned our gaze back to the stars. And we challenged the frontier once again.

The Year Of The Drone

In 2015, fleets of drones took to the skies. But they’re not just war machines anymore.

The Year of CRISPR

In 2015, gene editing went mainstream. And it gave us the keys to our DNA.

Elon Musk

In 2015, scientists and entrepreneurs of all ages, genders, and backgrounds pushed humanity toward a brighter and smarter future.

But one of them did it a dozen times over.

Our 2015 Futurist of the Year is...

In the words of fictitious astronaut Mark Watney, "We scienced the s**t out of 2015."

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